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Live Streaming Services: What it can do for your event

Visual i offers Webcasting and Video Conferencing

Live Streaming Services: What it can do for your event

Live Streaming Services: What it can do for your event

Utilizing streaming services for events gives the flexibility of local guests attending events and others to attend remotely. There are two types of streaming services that Visual i offers Webcasting and Video Conferencing.


            Webcasting is the best solution for reaching large audiences. Webcasting allows for one presenter to share a video feed and a presentation to thousands of audience members. Our platform allows for guest interaction by providing the option to ask questions in a chat and for presenters to conduct polls and surveys. This keeps remote viewers attentive to presentations. Webcasting allows for hybrid events. Guests that can’t travel are given the option of attending the event remotely and those who can attend have the option of physically attending. The benefits are endless:

  • Large Audience reach
  • Attendees just need a web browser to connect
  • Allows for hybrid meetings

Video Conferencing:

            Video conferencing allows for each party involved to see one another. Video conferencing is a great way to hold remote meetings involving small teams where documents can be shared on screen when needed. Video conferencing allows for the same intimacy that an in-person meeting would have. Video conferencing has numerous benefits:

  • Document sharing
  • Servers across the U.S. allows for little to no delay
  • Professional grade equipment ensures stability

If Webcasting or Video Conferencing can solve any of your event needs, please contact us! 

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