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What Makes Us Different?

This year has undoubtedly been a challenge for our clients. But rest assured, our custom virtual solution means you do not have to cancel your event. Our complete solution will not only allow you to host your event virtually - we will also provide a fully capable production team to manage and execute ALL aspects of your event.

Our solution starts with our Virtual Online Meeting and Event platform. This platform gives our live production team the ability to quickly create a custom portal to host your online meeting, conference, or event. Think of this portal as a customized microsite for your event. Using our platform, we take full control of your all aspects of your event. This includes management of all features that will be incorporated into your virtual event, such as: Custom Layouts, Template Selection and Configuration, Registration, Audience Access, Payments, Event Agenda, Speaker Profile, Vanity Pages (Sponsors, Grantors, Exhibitors), Chat, Polling, Q&A, and Reporting.

But it does not stop there. This portal is simply where you will host your event. Going live means you need a production team. Our production team will capture your event, on-site or remote, and perform all service elements associated with a professional level production team such as encoding, mixing, and live streaming. Yes, this is a complete and fully managed, fully staffed, end to end solution. Let us help you produce your next virtual event!


Your online audience can access and participate in general sessions, keynote presentations, breakout sessions, sponsors and exhibitors.

Online Meetings

Organizations can come together with attendees and event participants. Include pre-recorded presentations and guest calls using Zoom, Teams, WebEx and more.

Trade Shows

Exhibitors showcase their tradeshow booths, and attendees can interact in other virtual spaces, including the lobby, exhibit hall, network center, and auditorium.


Workshops, eLearning, education, training, and product webinars can all take place on your portal. Attendees can watch the webinar live or return later to watch on-demand.

Hybrid Events

Need an in person and virtual service solution? Our webcast production team will Livestream from your host location.

Digital Events

A new way to connect with your virtual audience. Our cloud-based solution allows your participants to view the Livestream from anywhere and on any device.

Amazing Platform Features
to make your virtual event stand out

Branded Event

We will quickly create a branded portal that includes your logo, company colors, and custom graphics all linked to a web address domain name of your choice. Custom layouts, template selection, and template configuration are all achieved within our platform.

Attendee Registration

Virtual event attendees will register for the event directly on your portal. Once registered, attendees will receive registration confirmation, scheduled reminders, agenda updates, and can log in to view live on the day of your event.

Speaker Profiles

We’ll create profiles for all speakers participating in your virtual event. Each speaker profile will include their photo and personal bio, allowing your attendees to learn more about them.

Audience Interaction

All the tools your attendees will need to ask questions and actively participate in each session. Participants will interact and engage by utilizing on-screen tools, including live chat, polls, and live Q&A, as they watch your live-streamed presentation.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Dedicated pages for both your sponsors and exhibitors are available on the portal. Event sponsors can be highlighted and also made visible anywhere sessions and event agenda information is displayed. Both sponsors and exhibitors can display contact information, contact photo, company logo, bio, website, and social media links. Additionally, exhibitors can include marketing content, attach product or marketing documents, add videos, and include links to external sites.

Event Analytics

Metrics and reporting are all captured within our platform and available in real-time during your event. Total views, unique views, viewer trends, and other reporting available. Additionally, Google Analytics can be linked to gain further valuable insight into your event.

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Live Webcast Production Services

Production Crew, Single or Multi Camera Capture, Encoding, Mixing and Live Streaming.

On-location or Remote Production Services and Event Support
Professionally trained and experienced staff
Small and Large Scale Production
End to End Video Production Service
Fully equipment with the latest Audio, Video and Lighting equipment
Utilizing our own Webcast Platform
High-Quality Productions
Equipped with Video Editing and Production Software

Webcast Portal

Product Description and Features: Customizable Portal or Microsite to host event. Portal provides managements of: Custom Layout, Template Selection and Configuration, Registration, Audience Access, Payments, Event Agenda, Speaker Profile, Vanity Pages (Sponsors, Grantors, Exhibitors), Chat, Polling, Q&A, Reporting
Advantages: Portal accommodates Virtual Events, Online Events, Digital Events, Hybrid Events and Virtual Trade Shows. Pro all in one webcast solution, Audience interaction & engagement tools, Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Fully Managed
Visually Captivating and Seamless Experience
Branded Event
Content Monetization
Event Analytics
Secure Hosting
Networking Opportunity
On-Demand Viewing
Global Distribution

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